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Visit from Sarawak Delegation
visit from Sarawak delegation

On the 13th of September 2022, SRII-IIT had a visit from Sarawak delegation which comprised of the Sarawak Religious Council (MIS), Sarawak Religious Department (JAIS Sarawak) and Ma'had Tahfiz Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'kub (MATTARY). The purpose of their visit was to discuss and learn about our curriculum and how we have created a curriculum that integrates Islamic studies and Quran memorization and understanding into an international syllabus.

Alhamdulillah the visit was very beneficial and the delegation were very impressed in our school and how we have managed to balance Quran, Islamic studies and academics in our school. We learned a lot from them about Tahfiz schools in Sarawak as well as discussing about the common challenges that all Tahfiz and religious schools face and how to overcome them.

InshaAllah we will be keeping in touch with them for the future and be able to collaborate in future projects. To more educational visits like this one, Ameen.

‎رَبِّ اَوۡزِعۡنِىۡۤ اَنۡ اَشۡكُرَ نِعۡمَتَكَ الَّتِىۡۤ اَنۡعَمۡتَ عَلَىَّ وَعَلٰى وَالِدَىَّ وَاَنۡ اَعۡمَلَ صَالِحًا تَرۡضٰٮهُ وَاَصۡلِحۡ لِىۡ فِىۡ ذُرِّيَّتِىۡ ؕۚ اِنِّىۡ تُبۡتُ اِلَيۡكَ وَاِنِّىۡ مِنَ الۡمُسۡلِمِيۡنَ

(My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to work righteousness of which You will approve and make righteous for me my offspring. Indeed, I have repented to You, and indeed, I am of the Muslims)

[Surah Al-Ahqaf (46): 15]

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