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Established in 2014, the International Integrated Tahfiz School is a center where we strive to instill a sounder understanding of what Good character really is. Located in Taman Nirwana, IIT is a learning Institution different from most others. We strive to help the children learn the importance of Loving the Quran and Sunnah and acting upon them in their daily lives to please Allah azawajall.with the help of committed teachers and co-operation from parents. We have dedicated teachers and staff that work together to reach our objectives.


At IIT we adhere to the Prophets صلى الله عليه وسلم saying that children are pure at heart (in a “state “of fitrah) since the day they were born. As they grow up, their surroundings provide many things that influence them, be it good or bad. Realizing this situation, we are trying to give more positive influences to the children (from the al-Quran and as-Sunnah as-Solihan) so that they will get a better head start in growing up as good, practicing Muslims, Insha Allah. We also believe that when we “truly” practice our Islamic values in this life, then other good things will eventually come to us (be it in this world or better yet, in the hereafter). Insha Allah. With a better understanding of what our true purpose is in this life (which is to Worship Allah as only HE should be worshipped), they have a better chance of keeping their good character and becoming stronger and more steadfast in their daily lives.


In IIT subjects offered are divided into 3 elements, consisting of:

Hafazan/ Tilawah/ Muraja'ah

Diniyyah/ Character building

Academics & Languages

Memorization of Quran Al Karim through daily reading - Tilawah and then to go into Memorization of the Quran.This will be a pace that will keep the child from being stressed in learning and Inshaa Allah, help guide them towards completion of Memorizing the whole Quran by the end of secondary school.

Islamic knowledge: Tawheed, Fiqh, Sirah, Hadith and Akhlaq

Academic: Arabic, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and Science with references back to Islam to show the connection between our daily lives, learning and Islam.

School Holiday program (Nov-Dec.) for Hafazan, Tilawah, and reading programs, as well as selected programs added for comprehension and interaction.



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IIT provides a constructive study place for children. Each class is equipped with air-conditioners, tables and chairs that are in proportion to the correct size of the children’s writing ability in as far as their height is concerned. Limited number of students per class is also a contributing factor to the effective learning environment..

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IIT teachers are well trained in being interactive, at tentative and responsive to the needs of the children. The children are encouraged to interact with the teachers to build a strong Teacher/student relationship. The classes are conducive to the number of students within to allow for movement and flexibility within the class. The students are encouraged to be “self -testing” which helps them to understand their abilities and where they need more practice and or help from the teachers..

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8:00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. Monday - Friday The last class finishes each day at 3:50 pm. The parents may pick up their child from this time until the Athan of Asar.at this time there will be no pickup for 15 min to allow for Solat Asar. Last pick up time without late fees is 5:50 PM.

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1-1 & 2.-1 , Block 2, City Garden Commercial Centre. Jalan Nirwana, Taman Nirwana, Ampang
0129523041 /+60 12-693 7618
  • Mon – Sat open, sunday closed

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Contact Us

1-1 & 2.-1 , Block 2, City Garden Commercial Centre. Jalan Nirwana, Taman Nirwana, Ampang
0129523041 /+60 12-693 7618
  • Mon – Sat open, sunday closed